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Selling a car doesn’t have to be hard. With Clement Olympic, you can get cash for your car today. We don’t care what the make or model is, we’re always happy to take a look. Just show us what you’ve got and we’ll make an offer! No hassle for you, just cold-hard cash or trade-in value towards your next car. Ready to get your online offer?

We only need your license plate to look up your car. It will not be stored.

How does it work?

At Clement Olympic, we always respect your time. That’s why we’re not going to waste it dragging you through a difficult selling process. All it takes is three simple steps and then you can accept or decline the offer! No pressure and no worries.

Tell Us About
Your Car

First, just let us know about your car. Give us the make, model, condition, and any other details. After answering some simple questions and submitting the form, we’ll send you your offer.

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Get Your
Trade-In Value

First, just let us know about your car. Give us the make, model, condition, and any other details. After answering some simple questions and submitting the form, we’ll send you your offer.

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Bring Your Car
to Clement

Love our offer and want to get your cash? Just bring your to Clement Olympic and our friendly staff will be there to assist you. We’ll double-check the condition and go over the questions you answered in your initial offer request.

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Get Cash or
Trade-In Credit.

Time to get your money! You can get cash or we can make it a trade-in value instead if you see something on our lot that catches your eye. Choose whichever option you want, you’ll get your full amount either way!

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selling/trading FAQs

Selling or trading your vehicle is usually a painful process. But Clement Olympic makes it as easy as can be. Still, some people have questions about selling their car. We understand! That’s why we’ve got some answers for you right here.

How Much Can I Get for My Car?

The amount you’ll be offered for your car will depend on a number of factors. Namely the make, model, age, condition, and mileage. Our expert appraisal team always gets it right and provides you with an incredibly fair market value for your vehicle. You can’t get a better price from other dealerships.

Do You Accept Any Kind of Car?

We’re happy to look at any make and model of vehicle.

What are the Benefits of a Trade-In?

Although you get the same amount for a trade-in, there are some advantages to taking trade-in value. Primarily, it saves you time and it’s convenient. If you’re planning on getting another vehicle anyway, you can get rid of your old car and drive a different one off the lot on the same day. The Clement Olympic team is trustworthy, timely, and transparent. Meaning you’ll get a great deal, with easy-to-understand terms, in much less time than it would take other dealerships to get you through the process.

Does it Take a Long Time?

You can get your cash offer in just a few minutes! When you actually come to our dealership to accept your cash offer, we’ll make sure to get you in and out as quickly as you’d like. We know our customers are busy, so we always make sure to get them taken care of.

Can I Get Offers from Another Dealership?

Of course! There’s nothing stopping you from fielding other offers, but Clement Olympic always strives to provide you with the best offer. If you still want to sell through Clement and have a better offer somewhere else, just bring your other offer in and let us see what we can do!

Why Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

Selling your car to Clement Olympic is much easier than selling your vehicle yourself. When you sell your car online, you have to deal with no-shows, lookie-loos, and people who want to lowball you. Instead of wasting your time meeting up with people who aren’t going to buy, you can get an offer in minutes and then bring us your car to get your money at your convenience in the next seven days.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, we have the answers! Get in touch with us today and our friendly customer service team will tell you anything you need to know.

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